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Top commerce college in Punjab

Pursuing a degree in commerce can open many career opportunities for Students. It is a great choice if you are thinking of choosing a career in commerce. In India, commerce has grown tremendously and is known for providing a wide scope of career option to pursue after choosing commerce course as your career. It further gets wider with students realize the importance of commerce and the specialization course associated with it. These courses not only give you an opportunity to grow and make an illustrious career but also help you become the top-notch in your professional career.

Graduates of commerce degree programs may find work in a variety of settings, including corporations, small businesses and government agencies. These can range from entry-level position to business leadership roles.

It is not a compulsion that you need to have completed your higher secondary from commerce only. A science or Arts students can also pursue these specialization courses after class 12. As it is rightly said it’s not what you achieve, it’s what you dedication, hard-working spirit and self confidence to face all the hurdles coming your way.

This course is one of the three basic and broad fields of the education. Another two are the Science and Arts/ Humanities stream. You can join the government sector or the private sectors. There is large number of industries where commerce graduates can find jobs are banking, accounts, Insurance, Management, Investments and many others. You can be a part of the corporation world as the analyst, executive, banker, Sr. Exceptive or Manager. There are a lot of jobs opportunities in the commercial field.

This field is one of top career options which offer a handsome salary packages to deserving candidates. As 12th class commerce students, you must be aware about the basic concepts of economics, accountancy, mathematics and business studies. After completion of 12th class, you have plenty of options to choose. BBA and B.com are the most common course opted by the students. Besides B.com and BBA, there are also other courses available which can lead you to a bright career.

Cordial College, Sanghol is one of the best colleges in Punjab along with various other colleges of Fathegarh Sahib, which provides various courses in commerce. Cordia College also helps students to get certified in computerised accounting though Tally Academy. This is the best way of getting educational opportunities for rural students. College has a professional and talented team of academicians which help the students through their tenure at the campus with the learning process. They make their career through technological and analytical tools to develop the required skills and knowledge to do the demanding job after their degree in Master in Commerce.

For more details Visit:- http://cordia.edu.in/ or call now at 8727045001